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On the day of my 29th birthday, I looked in the mirror and drew a self-portrait. It was done with ball-pen on brown paper, in the unflattering, fluorescent light of my boyfriend’s apartment. The next day, I did another one on a serviette while sipping coffee at my local café. After 3 weeks…


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george harrison on how he felt about madonna, who starred on a film he produced in 1986 called shanghai surprise. (for the anon who was once convinced that george really liked madonna) [x]

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Design Crush

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Some things are meant to be forever. turned 4 today!

He was really a free person and he did not like to be bound by rules. But he did like women. And he did, uh, he was… Women did like him. And he was, uh… Whether… If he just said a couple of words to a woman, honestly he had a profound effect on people. So that was always something that was, you know, and I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with this, you know, a person who’s well loved. So that was always a challenge. Sometimes people say, you know, what was the… ‘What’s the secret of a long marriage?’ It’s like, ‘You don’t get divorced.’ And I think, you know, you go through challenges in your marriage and I… Here’s what I found. First time we had a big hiccup in the road, I, you know, you go through things, you go, ‘Wow. There’s a reward at the other end of it. There’s this incredible reward. You love each other more. You learn something. You let go of something. You get… Those hard edges get softened. You know, you’re that block of stone. And, you know, life shapes you and takes away those hard edges. […]

We had this whole 30 years together and then at the end you’re able to just decant that time. We spent that summer together and we had so much fun. It’s amazing, you know. It’s the end of your life, here’s the conversation. ‘I hope I wasn’t a bad husband.’ ‘Well, I hope I was an OK wife,’ you know. ‘How did we do? How did we do?’ And then, you think, ‘I’m so glad. I’m so glad that we just kept walking this path together.’ And all those other things that came and went, we just swatted away and batted away, between us, you know.

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A mossy cape




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